Immediate Priorities

As both a doctor and Colonel in the United States Air Force, Josh knows how important preparedness and forward thinking are in any situation. As your Congressman, Josh will stand up for you, our state, and our country.



As a family of five my wife and I know what it means to live within our means, and we should expect our government to do the same. With the price of groceries and gas on the rise families in North Carolina are struggling to make ends meet. As your Congressman, I will support fiscal discipline, sound monetary policies, and tax reform.

These policies will help to stimulate the economy, which will lead to economic growth and job creation. In addition to stimulating the economy, we also need to restore America’s energy independence. We should encourage the production and competition of domestic energy sources to help bring down the cost of gas and heating our homes.

national security

National Security

As a US Air Force Reserve Colonel, one of my top priorities is national security. It is critical we have a well-funded military with the most advanced technologies in the world, and pray we never have to deploy them, but stand ready if we do.

The Constitution is clear about the role of the federal government over national defense and our military. Over the years I have watched as warfare has changed. In congress, I will vote to continue to fund our military advancements including cybersecurity and foreign information gathering. I will also support the continued construction of our southern border and advanced technologies to keep the border secure.


Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has become a devastating public health issue in the United States, and as an emergency room physician, I have seen its devastating effects first hand. Opioids and other drugs are pouring over our southern border, which is one of many reasons why we need to prioritize securing the border.

When I am in Congress, I will support policies that educate and prevent the use of addictive drugs and recovery programs for those individuals who are already struggling with an addiction. We also need to increase funding and research for alternative medicine and help families who have been negatively impacted by this endemic.

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